One word, sweetheart: voluntarily. I rest my glitter suitcase.

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Do you wanna borrow me bobby 'at? Will y'wave as y'go past?

I am in no way whatsoever by any stretch of any imagination anything to do with Karen. I'm just a fan who understands that this woman is (a) amazing (b) gorgeous (c) a freaking genius. K?

If I mock, it's because I love. And sometimes screencaps and the 1980s ask for it.

Most of my screencaps come from perfectsixes on Livejournal. Anything that comes from a 'proper' website is done on a clicky clicky link. Other screencaps I try and remember to credit to their owners but please feel free to yell at me if I fail. And sometimes there are things I have on my puter I don't knwo the origin of, if you do, tell me. Simple solutions for a happier tumblelog.

The clicky clikcy click submit button makes me happy.

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D'ye wanna borra me bobby 'at?

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